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Meet Jude, Chemo Buddy, and Chrissy!

Jude has survived 14 surgeries and keeps on smiling!

Chemo Buddy gives love and hugs all day and helps chemo kids make it through lonely nights. He stays right with them through all treatments and procedures and loves with all his heart! ❤

We provide dolls for Chemo Kids!

WELCOME! We have a very special program with Buddys4Kids™, and have been working with children for many years. We have seen the smiles and tears that come with everyday living with many changes in lives. Initially “Hospital Buddy and Chemo Buddy™ dolls” were created by Nurse Treneé for children in hospitals, especially the Chemotherapy units. As  our mission statement says: “Our Buddies are created to bring love and security to ALL who need it the most.” 

"Adopt" a Hospital Child & give them a Buddy & Gift Package!

Give a special child a special gift!

"Adopt a Hospital Child Program"

$50.00 provides a large stuffed Chemo Buddy to hug and keep, a coloring book, and a gift bag of goodies they will treasure!  We will be adding and updating photos to our website.

Thank you for loving and caring!   :)

Click here to "Adopt" a Hospital Child