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Buddys For Kids™ Sponsorship Information

Awesome dolls for all ages 1-101 – We provide dolls for Chemo Kids!

WELCOME! We have a very special program called Buddys For Kids™, and have been working with children for many years. We have seen the smiles and tears that come with everyday living with the changes in lives. Initially “Hospital Buddy and Chemo Buddy™ dolls” were created by Nurse Treneé for children in hospitals, especially the Chemotherapy units. As our mission statement says: “Our Buddies are created to bring love and security to ALL who need it the most.” We are wanting to add voice recording modules to record voice messages which can be replayed to your loved one, also heartbeat modules for our soft Sandman doll for babies and small children.

Military Buddy™ is critically important to children with the deployment of our troops, including both fathers and mothers being away from their children for extended periods of time. These Buddies will have voice modules to record voices of child and deployed loved one. Our business has grown and the demand for our dolls has increased. We depend on retail sales, donations and sponsorships to increase our doll donation outreach program for these awesome children. We know you love kids as much as we do.

There is a lot of time and cost in materials to make these fantastic dolls, Buddys for Kids™ is asking you to step up and work alongside us financially to help us provide amazing dolls to these deserving children! THANK YOU!

To become a sponsor, visit SmilesForKidsToday.org!