Variety 40-Pack

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This package includes 10 Hospital Buddies, 10 Military Buddies, 10 Sleepy Sandman Dolls, and 10 Therapy Buddies.
Hospital Buddy
This awesome buddy is a 16-inch special stuffed doll to bring joy and comfort to all ages 1 – 101! He has a giant cheerful smile, comes with a comforting poem, and is a great conversation starter, opens communication fast. He listens to all secrets and will never tell anyone else. Everyone loves Hospital Buddy and he loves right back with all his heart!
Military Buddy
This amazing 16-inch Military Buddy™ knows how hard it is for kids to have a loved one deployed, and when they’re sad. He’s right there to comfort and cheer them up with love, a giant smile, and he’s reaching up with unlimited hugs all day and night! He loves to listen to all kids secrets, and comes with an encouraging poem, too. Everyone just loves Military Buddy™!
Sleepy Sandman
This 16-inch sleepy little Sandman Doll™ loves to cuddle with your precious child in dreamland and keep them company through the day and night. Every little child deserves a sweet Sandman Doll™.
Therapy Buddy
This special Therapy Buddy is for everyone who is going through any kind of therapies and needs a companion. Great for any rehab programs or hospitals, treatment centers and home therapy too. Everyone loves to have a Therapy Buddy, and he gives hope, love, and cheer!

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